2040 Comp Plan - Adjacent Community Review

On May 21, 2018, the City Council was satisfied that the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan generally reflected the desired content and authorized staff to distribute the draft document to Roseville’s 21 adjacent and overlapping jurisdictions for their formal review. State law requires communities to allow six months for this review, but a community does not have to wait for the full six months to elapse if comments are received from all of the reviewing communities sooner. The table below identifies all of the jurisdictions reviewing Roseville's draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan. As each of the reviewing jurisdictions responds with their comments, the table will provide a link to view those comments. For each of the identified jurisdictions that are also required to prepare their own comprehensive plans, the table contains a link to those plans. If you have comments about the reviewing jurisdictions' comprehensive plans, please click here to email Roseville staff.

Reviewing JurisdictionComments ReceivedReviewing Jurisdiction's Comprehensive Plan
City of Arden Hillsview commentsArden Hills comp plan
City of Falcon Heights

Falcon Hts comp plan
City or Lauderdale
Lauderdale comp plan
City of Little Canadaview comments
not yet available
City of Maplewoodview comments
Maplewood comp plan
City of Minneapolis
Minneapolis comp plan
City of New Brighton
New Brighton comp plan
City of Shoreview
Shoreview comp plan
St. Anthony Village
St. Anthony comp plan
City of St. Paulview commentsSt. Paul comp plan
Hennepin County
Hennepin Co. comp plan
Ramsey County
Ramsey Co. comp plan
District 621: Mounds View Schools
District 623: Roseville Schools
Capitol Region Watershed District
Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization
Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District
Rice Creek Watershed District
view comments
Ramsey County Parks
MnDOTview commentsn/a