Twin Lakes Trail Project


The City of Roseville is planning to construct a 10-foot bituminous (asphalt) trail next year spanning Ramsey County Ditch 4 (RCD 4) from County Road C to Terrace Avenue. Other design features of the trail include lighting, landscaping, benches and landscaping. The city, working with Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD), will be converting the existing ditch to a pipe system. This storm water project, which allows for the construction of a new trail,  will provide improved storm water management and decrease maintenance of the ditch, which is becoming increasingly difficult with development. More information on the RCD 4 project can be found here.

The construction of the trail will be paid for by the City of Roseville with funds acquired from recent developments.  As a result, there will be no cost or assessment to property owners.  Construction of the proposed pathway will begin during the summer of 2021 and should be open for public use by October 2021.

Twin Lakes Trail Map

Related Projects

RCD 4 Project  Additional information on the storm sewer project can be found on the RCD 4 Project webpage.

Phase 2 – Terrace Drive to Oasis Park Connection

At the July 12, 2021 City Council Meeting, the Council approved moving forward with Phase 2 final plans. This would extend the trail from Terrace Avenue to Oasis Park. Construction is anticipated to start on this phase of the project in summer of 2022.

Past Meetings
A neighborhood meeting was held virtually on Monday December 17. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

A second neighborhood meeting was held virtually on Monday, December 21. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

A third neighborhood meeting was held on Thursday, June 3 at 6:00 pm at Oasis Park. The meeting discuss the proposed project for Phase 2 of the Twin Lakes Trail including review of the updated feasibility report


Work on Phase 1 of the trail project began in late April in conjunction with the RCD 4 project.  Major pipe work began on May 17.  Trail work is expected to begin in July.  All work on the project is anticipated to be completed by September 2021. 

At the July 12, 2021 City Council Meeting, the Council will consider if Phase 2 final plans should be authorized to be completed to make the connection from Terrace Drive into Oasis Park.  Check the Council Agenda Center for more information closer to the meeting date.