COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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For Individuals

Because there are limited doses of vaccine available, the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed in phases. The vaccine is not yet available for the general public.

All Minnesotans will eventually have access to the vaccine. Most vaccinations distributed in the City of Roseville will be managed by Ramsey County. Information for unvaccinated individuals interested in being vaccinated will be posted on this page 

While supply remains limited, Ramsey County is following federal and state guidelines to distribute the vaccine in phases to have the greatest impact and prevent further spread to those most at-risk. This means offering vaccine to those at highest risk of getting COVID-19, and those most at risk of severe disease and complications.

Eventually, there will be enough vaccine for everyone. The vaccine will be free and no one will be required to get the vaccine by the government or public health.

A limited number of vaccines are available through a pilot program for Minnesotans aged 65 and older, pre-K through grade 12 educators and childcare workers. Minnesotans who are eligible are asked to call toll free at 833-431-2053. You can also visit


COVID-19 vaccine planning is currently happening at federal, state and local levels of government. Learn more about COVID-19 phases and planning.

Ramsey County is currently vaccinating for Phase 1a, which includes the following groups:

  • Healthcare personnel
  • Hospital staff working with COVID-19 patients
  • Staff in skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes
  • Emergency medical services personnel who provide direct patient care
  • COVID-19 testers and vaccinators
  • Long-term care residents

About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Information is constantly changing for COVID-19 vaccine. For the latest information about the vaccine, visit the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) vaccine webpage. MDH has also developed a helpful flyer on Vaccine Basics.

Vaccine Data

Get the latest vaccine data from the Minnesota Department of health. MDH also updates its Vaccine Data Dashboard daily for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Minnesota.