Fairview & County Road C Pond Improvements

In 2022, the City will make improvements to the pond on the SE quadrant of Fairview Ave and County Road C.  The pond captures water from approximately 520 acres, including stormwater from Rosedale Mall.  The pond was built in 2004 by the City and Ramsey County to provide flood storage and improve water quality of Little Lake Johanna.  

The proposed improvements will include replacing the outlet of the pond with an overflow control structure, rerouting a storm sewer pipe from Fairview Ave, expanding the flood storage, tree management, and dredging the pond.  Depending on the costs, only a portion of the pond may be dredged in 2022, and a separate dredging project would happen at a later date to remove additional sediment in the middle and southern part of the pond.  

The work to the pond will help provide additional flood storage, improve water quality of downstream waters, and also help protect the newly installed storm sewer pipe on the north side of County Road C.

FairviewCR_C_Pond Storm Improvements