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C2-Simpson Underground Storm

The City of Roseville will be installing an underground infiltration system under Simpson St, north of County Rd C2 during the 2022 Pavement Management Project.  This area was identified for an improvement due to stormwater volume and quality concerns because of localized flooding that has caused damage to a downstream property during heavy rain events.  This area also drains stormwater to Little Lake Johanna, which has been listed as an MPCA “impaired water,” identified for high loads of phosphorus, a common nutrient found in runoff from residential lawns.  Excess phosphorus in water bodies can cause algae blooms, fish reduction and other negative impacts on lakes, wildlife and recreation. 

The new system, shown in green, will include two catch basins to pick up water from Simpson Street.  Three 48-inch pipes with holes will store the water during rain events and allow the water to slowly percolate into the ground. 



  • Reducing localized street flooding
  • Eliminating downstream property damage 
  • Reducing phosphorus in Little Lake Johanna 
  • Removing Little Lake Johanna’s “impaired water” status for nutrients 


Construction will impact access to the adjacent properties during construction, including removing and replacing driveways within the right-of-way.  The City will work with the contractor to provide access before and after their working hours by filling the excavation in front of driveways. 


The project was completed in the summer of 2022.

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