Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Vorhes

Volunteer Mary Vorhes sits at the Arboretum, smiling on a sunny day.

If you have walked through the arboretum in Roseville, Arboretum, then you have likely seen the fruits of one dedicated Roseville volunteer’s labor. If you have not walked through the arboretum in, Roseville, Mary Vorhes says—you should!

Vorhes has been tending to the butterfly gardens in the Muriel Sahlin Arboretum for more than ten years, and finds joy there every time she visits.

They're very pretty, and I get to see a lot of people who visit the gardens. I'm able to have quite a few conversations with people, and I really appreciate that.

Getting down in the dirt, she says, is good for her soul, and having those conversations has helped her get through some of the tougher days and improved her mental health.

One of the skills that I've learned in dealing with my mental health is to contribute, and so that's what I'm doing... getting my fingers dirty and being among the green growing things gives me a sense of contributing to the community, and to all the people who come visit.

While the Roseville Arboretum is Mary’s favorite place to volunteer, she says if that is not your interest, there are many other opportunities to make an impact on your community-- City of Roseville Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs agrees! Boggs excels at finding the perfect volunteer match for almost any interest or passion.

People are finally starting to feel comfortable coming back together, and we have so many needs right now. You can check CityofRoseville.com/volunteer for specific opportunities, but if you see something you think could use a volunteer’s touch, give me a call and we’ll work to find a place for you!

The Muriel Sahlin Arboretum is located at 2525 Dale Street North Roseville, MN.