Guidant John Rose MN Oval Fast Facts

Nighttime Speedskating
  • The Guidant John Rose MN Oval is the largest outdoor refrigerated skating facility in the world, featuring an 110,000 square foot slab of concrete used for ice-skating in the winter and inline skating in the spring, summer and fall.
  • The Oval has a state of the art cooling system with 800+ tons of refrigeration and 84 miles of underground piping that helps maintain world-class ice, even when temperatures climb into the 50s!
  • The grandstand outside the Oval lobby can seat up to 300 spectators.
  • The Oval has hosted events such as World Cup Speedskating, World and National Bandy Championships, and Aggressive Skating and Biking competitions.
  • During the summer the Guidant John Rose MN Oval boasts one of the largest outdoor Skate Parks in the Midwest!
  • The Guidant John Rose MN Oval has an inline hockey rink in the summer, including regulation size dasher boards and nets.
  • The Guidant John Rose MN Oval scoreboard can be used for personal messages during events, birthdays, meetings, and advertisements.
  • The refrigeration system for the Arena is a freon base as opposed to the brine and ammonia mix in the Guidant John Rose MN Oval system.
  • The Roseville Skating Center parking lots can hold up to 250 vehicles.
  • The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is positioned at a latitude of 45 degrees 02' North, longitude 93 degrees 12' West elevation 906 MSL. Roseville is located half-way between the North Pole and the Equator.