Adult Activities

Participation in recreation activities is vital for adults as a healthy escape from everyday pressures of work and life's stresses. Roseville Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of athletic leagues, instructional classes, social opportunities and fitness programs.
Adult Trips
Roseville day adult trips are a wonderful way to enjoy theater performances, cultural opportunities and visit fantastic places of interest. For more about adult trips, go to the Adult Trips webpage, or contact Parks and Recreation, 651-792-7110.


Activities include Adult Open Volleyball, Open Gym, bocce ball, pickleball, and more .Click this link or the one in the column to the left for more about what's on offer. Note the Winter Outdoor Activities link for more cold-weather options.
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Wellness Programs

When speaking of wellness, exercise is the best medicine. Exercise is good for your health in many ways. Roseville Parks and Recreation invites you to take part in our new Community Wellness Initiative. Programs include yoga, running, t'ai chi chih, and tap. Explore these on the separate webpage, or contact Parks and Recreation, 651-792-7106.

Instruction Programs

These programs offer a more guided experience, with classes such as AARP Driving, CPR, golf and tennis lessons. Explore the links or call Parks and Recreation, 651-792-7006 for more information.

Adult Athletic Leagues
There are leagues for adults all year round. To view the many sports and leagues offered in Roseville, view our Adult Sports Page, or Contact League Supervisor by email, or phone 651-792-7105.

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