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1. What is City of Roseville Resolution No. 11725?
2. When does the resolution requiring face coverings go into effect?
3. Are there exceptions to the requirement to wear face covering?
4. What are some examples of indoor areas accessible to the public?
5. Does the order apply to common areas of bars and restaurants?
6. Does the order apply to athletic facilities like gyms or the Roseville Skating Center?
7. Does this policy apply to common areas of Rosedale Center?
8. Does the policy apply to common areas of hotels?
9. Does the policy apply to “back-of-house” areas of retail businesses, like stock rooms and employee break rooms?
10. Where do I have to wear a face covering in multi-family buildings (apartments/condominium buildings)?
11. What are the face covering requirements inside office buildings?
12. Who should I call if I have concerns about a business not requiring customers to wear face coverings?
13. Who should I call if I am concerned about an individual not wearing a face covering in an indoor area accessible to the public?
14. Who should I call if I am a store owner or manager who wants to report a customer that refuses to wear a mask?
15. Are store owners/managers and other places of public accommodation required to post notices of Roseville’s emergency order requiring face coverings?
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